Help build homes and provide sustainability.


Every poor child should feel secure in their home, be given the chance to learn at school, and be in a supportive community where they can grow in their faith.  We support communities by building beautiful homes and providing Christian faith formation through Couples for Christ. With this holistic approach, we ensure that every individual is cared for physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

A 2.5 hour bus ride from the provincial capital, Immaculate Conception ANCOP Loong enjoys well-paved main roads and is set to be completed on November 15, the World Day of the Poor.  Even in its current ‘under construction’ state, it has wowed people like Concepcion Mayor Raul Banias who said, “The government housing agency can pick up a thing or two from the site.  And here is what makes me happy even when Typhoon Tisoy is signal no. 2: the houses of ANCOP at Bgy. Loong seems that they are better than the houses of NHA.  I might invite NHA personnel to visit me here.”, the government official said in a candid social media post.  To date, there are 40 fully completed units that have been raffled to qualified beneficiaries.  Another 60 units funded by ANCOP USA are under construction.  This is just the beginning.



There are currently two sites being developed: in Concepcion, Iloilo and Matinao, Southern Leyte

For a one-time donation of $4,500, you can sponsor a house for a family.