Our donors are our indispensable partners in bringing blessings to our beneficiaries, all of whom belong to the less-privileged sectors of our society. We will continue to keep and guard your trust by being responsible in the management of ANCOP USA’s resources and truthful in our communication.

ANCOP USA is the social arm of COUPLES FOR CHRIST USA and for more than 10 years has been championing the cause of the least, the last and the lost, consistent with the mandate of Jesus Christ to love our neighbors. ANCOP USA ‘s programs serve as catalysts of change for the lives of many poor families. It provides not just financial assistance or decent shelter to its beneficiaries but also helps with acquiring new job skills and with values formation. Every amount that you donate is used to implement, support and/or enhance the various work-for-the-poor programs of ANCOP USA. We are always guided by the trust and confidence you put in us, and most especially by the Almighty.

We will abide, to the best of our efforts, by your preference or choice, and where certain circumstances prevent us from carrying out your intention (e.g., another donor has given an earlier preference for the same beneficiary; or the beneficiary has withdrawn or terminated from the program), your donation will instead be utilized for our other programs, with preference if you wish for a program similar to your original intention, subject to the approval or confirmation by the Board of Trustees.