The ANCOP Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) helps children in various school levels: elementary, high school, technical/vocational school, and college.  Scholars and their parents undergo values formation and participate in community affairs to enhance development and growth.

Quality education plays a major role in our aim to uplift the lives of poor families. After years and various programs implemented to give better education opportunities, the Child Sponsorship Program was conceived.

What makes the Child Sponsorship Program different from the usual scholarship program is that the basis for selection is not upon merits but upon need and their susceptibility to learning. Added to that is how the whole program is geared to fully support the child to be able to do their best in school through tutorials and values formation.


How much will it cost to sponsor a child?

A $32.00/month or $384.00/year donation will support a poor child in elementary or high school, while a donation of $64/month or $768/year will send a poor youth to college or vocational school.

What does my donation cover?

Your donation will provide for your scholar’s school tuition, uniform and shoes, books, and school supplies. It will also provide for the child’s annual medical/dental check-up, as well as for field trips and other school-related activities on values formation.

Can I choose a child to sponsor?

Yes, once we have made available online or through a CSP coordinator  the photo and profile of children for sponsorship. Meantime, ANCOP USA will recommend a child for you to sponsor.

Can I communicate to my sponsored child?

As we do not give out donor’s contact information, the ANCOP office will facilitate this exchange. You can mail to us your letter and this will be forwarded to our ANCOP site coordinator who will hand it to your scholar. Likewise, you will be getting from us any letter coming from the child. We also recommend sending cards during birthdays and holidays.

You can write about your culture, provide a photo of your family, and express some encouraging words that will further motivate the child to do well in school, to value education, and to reach for his or her dreams.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

You will need to inform us at least 1 month before your planned visit so that we can inform our ANCOP site coordinator to arrange and confirm the meeting. In your visit, you will be able to talk to your scholar, exchange stories, share a meal, and meet his or her family. For your scholar, it would mean a lot. Meeting you would put flesh on your act of generosity and caring.

As a sponsor, do I get updates from ANCOP USA on my sponsorship?

Aside from your scholar’s letters, you will receive from ANCOP USA an Annual Progress Report (APR) with the child’s latest photo as well as updates on his or her school activities and other involvement.

Can my sponsored child be changed?

ANCOP envisions graduating the scholars all the way to college. However, a child sponsorship may be discontinued for the following reasons:

  • transfer of the family to another location not covered by ANCOP’s operation
  • refusal of the child and/or his or her family to participate in required activities of the CSP
  • excessive absences from school, and/or dropping out from school

On a positive note, a scholar may voluntarily leave the program because his or her family’s financial status has improved.

In all cases and if termination is unavoidable, we will send you a letter about the termination of your scholar from the program. Likewise, we will provide you with the profile and photo of your new scholar.

Can I discontinue my sponsorship?

If due to the unavoidable reason you will decide to discontinue your sponsorship, you will need to inform us at at least one month before the date of effectivity. This is important so that we will be able to find another sponsor to assume sponsorship of the scholar and avoid disrupting his or her studies.

Is contribution to ANCOP Child Sponsorhip tax deductible?

Yes.  Online donation Receipts are emailed out upon payment and acknowledgment letter can be provided upon request as proof of doantion.

You can help transform lives

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By clicking on this button, you will be brought to an online portal where you can setup child sponsorship.  In this portal, you will be able to set-up an account where you can make a donation, view your donation history, communicate with your sponsored children.

Child Sponsorship may also be done offline by using this form:  ANCOP USA Child Sponsorship Form.

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