Humanitarian Relief


Health and medical service to marginalized children and their families. With supplementary Values Formation interventions to all our partner children and families resulting in transformed lives and communities through God’s transforming love.

Answering the cry of the poor by providing access to education, shelter, health, livelihood and relief- rehabilitation assistance during calamities. With Values Formation interventions resulting in transformed lives and communities through God’s transforming love.



 ANCOP USA 2019 Medical Mission in Chiapas Mexico.

Lets experience the meaning of Lent in a different way with God’s preferred children. About 20 non CFCs from SoCal intends to join us and be immersed in our work for the poor.

Needed are – dentists, nurses, doctors, PPC members who can team lead & be speakers, music ministers, Hispanic Youth or Singles who can handle gateways for the kids and young adults and others who are hearing the call from the Lord. Retirees can stay longer to train the new household heads and coordinators. Main parish can accommodate 30 people at most.


Please Click below to join our 2019 Medical Mission in Chiapas Mexico – April 15-18,2019


By providing required assistance for calamity victims of floods, earthquakes, typhoons and other natural calamities.  This includes the immediate provision of basic needs for water, food, clothing, toilet and kitchen supplies, sleeping mats and blankets and medicines.  A water purifying system known as “Jerrycans” are made available to calamity areas to process the dirty non potable water and provide the much needed drinkable water to affected families.

A medical mission of volunteer doctors and other medical practitioners is normally dispatched to disaster areas to address the medical needs of calamity victims during the relief operations.  Upon completion of the relief operations, the rehabilitation phase is commenced to address the more long term needs for housing and education of the affected families.

2017 ANCOP USA Medical Mission Bohol, Philippines

2016 ANCOP USA Medical Mission Aklan, Philippines


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