How to Use My ANCOPUSA Account

ANCOP USA enhanced its online Child Sponsorship Program CSP so you can create your own “My ANCOPUSA Account”

 Go to and CLICK HERE on “My ANCOP USA Account“.

2 Log-in with your registered email or “Sign-up“.

By logging into your account, with your registered email you will now have access to your “My ANCOPUSA Account” where all your sponsored children will be listed.

3. Explore your donation history under “Donations”. All your donations to ANCOP Canada (except ANCOP Walk) can easily be viewed and tracked.

4. Do you need to update us with your credit card information? No need to call as you can easily view and update your payment information under “Update Payment Information”.

In summary, with your My ANCOPUSA Account, you can do the following ONLINE:

  • view the profiles of your sponsored children,
  • review your donation history,
  • exchange messages (emails, pictures) with your sponsored child/ren, and
  • update your credit/debit card information

This online enhancement is one of the many that ANCOP USA is working to better serve its ANCOP donors and sponsors. We will also release enhancement to our Shelter Projects that allow our Partners to view updates on their Sponsored village online.

Spread the news. Let us continue to make a difference in the lives of the many poor families by transforming communities – one child at a time, one family at a time!

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